Library Board & Policies

Alberta’s public libraries are governed by Boards of volunteer trustees appointed by local municipal councils.

The Libraries Act enables the establishment of public library boards to provide municipal and regional library service. The Act sets out the powers and duties of these boards, and gives them full management and control of public library service.

Current Board Members

Melanie Jensen, Chair, Council Rep

Will Warwick, Vice ChairTreasurer

Jean Lypka, Secretary

Members at Large:

Ricardo Hoar

Audra Limpert

Carolyn Mammel

Paulette Murray

Gwen Snell

Peggy Sauter

If you have questions about the Town of Hanna Library Board, please contact us.

Library Policies

Patron Code of Conduct Policy

Pandemic Policy

COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting Policy

COVID-19 Handling of Library Materials Policy

COVID-19 Physical Distancing Policy

COVID-19 Rapid Response Policy

COVID-19 Staff Infection Control Policy

If you have questions about these or any other library policies, please contact us.