Press Release: Hanna Library appoints a new Director.

Oct. 06, 2023 Ricardo Hoar, Chair Hanna Municipal Library

The Hanna Library Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Jenn Steinbrecker as the new Director of the Hanna Municipal Library.

Jenn is a familiar face in the community, having grown up in Hanna and worked at the library during her high school years. She graduated in 2005 and returned to our community in 2018. Since then, she has been an integral part of the library team, working as a Program Coordinator, Interlibrary Loans Technician, and Acting Director.

Jenn brings with her a wealth of experience working with neurodiverse individuals and strong team leadership skills. She is passionate about creating inclusive programming and services for the library and implementing the new Plan of Service. Jenn is also completing her degree in Human and Community Services, which will further empower her to develop creative activities and community partnerships in Hanna and surrounding communities.

In her free time, Jenn enjoys hiking, tinkering on her vehicles, spending time with her family, and reading. She is often seen with a biography, historical fiction, or reference material. Please join us in welcoming Jenn to her new role and stop by the library if you haven’t in a while to say hello and see what’s happening!

Sincerely, Ricardo Hoar Chair, Hanna Municipal Library