Community Spirit Award

Dec. 21, 2022

Hanna Municipal Library is thrilled to be the recipient of the Community Spirit Award presented by the Town of Hanna on October 20, 2022. We were nominated by a member of the community for our efforts to engage with the community by providing summer programming and social gathering opportunities.

"Almost three years have passed since the beginning of the pandemic, during which many youth have been adversely affected for their creative and physical outlets as well as emotional and social development. This has included periods of being able to be in school only to find that a few months down the line, they were indefinitely online-learning, back again, then learning online again and so on. The see-saw experience did not escape the library, which found itself closed to the public. However this year, not only were we, as a community, accorded the opportunity to resume our social gatherings, but with the addition of Darlene Edwards as our new chief librarian, we had a plethora of programs initiated over the course of the summer to engage Hanna's youth at a time when it has been most needed for a sense of normalcy.

I have followed Ms. Edward's efforts on Facebook, whether through the announcements she has made on behalf of the library, or to solicitous engagement with the community in terms of their interests. Indeed, shortly after arriving, she met with me personally to discuss a project to jointly approach GFL Environmental for philanthropic support for the Hanna Youth Chess Club, including working on a detailed proposal for equipment, courses, literature, and so on. something which Mr. Todd Moulin of GFL has expressed interest and which they are considering.

As a result of her efforts, along with the other experienced staff, such as Jenn Steinbrecker and volunteers; the programs were frequently filled, something which was not happening in other communities where programs were being offered during the summer. To me this is a perfect illustration of the community spirit which existing staff have maintained and which a new member to the community with her family has been able to bring. In that regard too, I think the Library Board members should be recognized for bringing a new chief librarian filled with experience, zeal, and passion."

- Andrew Waldie

Hanna Library Board and Library Staff wish to express our sincere thanks to Andrew Waldie for nominating Hanna Library for this award.